Gloria Berry is a Bayview resident, Grandmother, Navy Veteran, and formerly worked in Corrections at San Quentin where she promoted nonviolent de-escalation. In her life’s journey, she has had to rise-up from experiencing homelessness, chronic illness, sexism and racism. 

As a candidate running for the Democratic County Central Committee in 2020, Gloria knows that the San Francisco Democratic Party must represent voters who want to see fundamental change.

About Gloria

Gloria is a member of Beds for Bayview, member of Brothers for Change and a board member of the New Community Leadership Foundation. 

As a Delegate for the California Assembly District 17  2019-2020 term, she is the only one who was elected, out of 28, who is not supported by the status quo. 

Gloria Berry is endorsed by the leading progressive voices in San Francisco. Including: Supervisor Matt Haney, SF Berniecrats, SF Tenants Union, Shahid Buttar and many more. 

The purpose of the DCCC is to endorse candidates, influence purposeful legislation, and work to increase voter registration. In a democracy that sometimes looks like a popularity contest we must elect representatives that can challenge the status quo.

Having already served her country on the federal and state level, she wants to continue to serve locally for her city, her home, San Francisco



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